Monday, May 09, 2005


Tip 2: Check that there is sufficient space before writing to a descriptor

An attempt to access an area outside the area allocated for descriptor data will cause a panic in both debug and release builds, because the descriptor functions use __ASSERT_ALWAYS to check for out-of-bounds access. A panic causes your code will stop executing immediately, whether running in an application, server or test framework. So be absolutely certain that there is space in your target descriptor, if necessary, by doing a check first by using the Length() or MaxLength() methods.

_LIT8(KImageGif, “image/gif”); // 9 characters
TBuf8<8> mimeType8; // Space for only 8 characters

mimeType8.Copy(KImageGif); // Panic!

Or, if no error checking is needed:

_LIT8(KImageGif, “image/gif”); // 9 characters
TBuf8<8> mimeType8; // Space for only 8 characters
mimeType9 ? 9 or 8 ?
I think that's a typo. Should be mimeType8.

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