Monday, May 09, 2005


Tip 6: Need to read from an HBufC? Don't call Des().

To read from a descriptor, you only need it to be non-modifiable, a TDesC. Class HBufC derives from TDesC, so it has access to all the non-modifiable functions implemented by TDesC. All you need to do is dereference the pointer.

_LIT(KBert, "Bert");
HBufC* bert = KBert.AllocL();

TPtrC halfOfBert = bert->Left(2);

One of the most common mistakes made when using descriptors is to call Des() on an HBufC* when you only need a constant descriptor.

_LIT(KBert, "Bert");
HBufC* bert = KBert().AllocL();

TPtrC halfOfBert = bert->Des().Left(2); // Unnecessary call to Des()

It won’t do any harm, but is totally unnecessary and wastes time, space and typing

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